Myron Cook grew up in a small farming community in Wyoming where he had the opportunity to work the land on local farms. During this period, he developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors and had an intense desire to learn as much as possible about it. He spent every moment he could in the Bighorn and Absaroka Mountains riding horses, backpacking, and fishing. He made countless trips into Yellowstone absorbing its beauty and power.

These experiences fostered a deep interest in geology and art. He received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wyoming and Masters in geology from Northern Arizona University.

Through the years, Myron often drew and painted scenes around him and, over time, he developed a great interest in oil painting. He most especially enjoys painting scenes from his early years as a farm boy and the beautiful vistas of the mountain and desert west. Currently, he resides in Calgary, Alberta and has found new inspiring subjects to paint in the spectacular Canadian Rockies and foothills.